ren • ais • sent • ial (noun/adj.) – A new age Renaissance movement of art, design, fashion, and culture. We create limited-edition, hand screen printed t-shirts and prints that are printed in Houston, Texas.

Renaissential was founded in 2015 by two creative Houston artists, James E. Walker and Shawn Artis. After meeting at a local art show, James and Shawn soon began collaborating and fusing their talents of visual art, graphic design, illustration, and screen printing.

Their collaborative efforts soon proved to have an influential impact within the art community. With the two sharing many of the same life goals, ambitions, business savviness, and unrelenting work ethic, they agreed to establish an artistic brand as a tag-team duo. The result was “Renaissential” which is a clever twist of the words “renaissance” and “essential.” In June of 2016, the Renaissential online store was launched to provide expressive platform for their many endeavors to come.

More About the Creators

Shawn Artis is an emerging visual artist within the Houston arts scene. He runs a visual art company called The Shawn Artis Gallery. To learn more about Shawn, visit his site at www.theshawnartisgallery.com

James E. Walker, who is known by most as "J.Walker" is a freelance graphic artist and designer that specializes in logo design, brand identity, apparel, album & poster art, layout & collateral design. He runs an art & design firm called The Art of James E. Walker. To learn more about James, visit his site at www.theartofjamesewalker.com.